How Soon Will Jesus Return?

In 1978 a miracle drug was discovered which doubled the human life span.

In 1980 the internal combustion engine was outlawed in all major U.S. cities.

In 1981 Montana became America’s first penal state. All criminals given prison sentences were sent there.

Between February and May of 1983 all the women in St. Louis lost their hair.

Did you miss any of these remarkable events? Probably so. Because none of these things ever happened. But all were confidently predicted by well-known psychics.

Most of us have an almost instinctive urge to peek into the future. We want to know what lies beyond the horizon. But accurate predictions remain terribly elusive. We have a difficult enough time forecasting tomorrow’s weather!

There is Someone, however, whose prophecies have proven remarkably accurate. Jesus Christ, through His Word, can take us into the future; He’s a reliable guide. In this lesson we’re going to look at what He had to say about His Second Coming. After all, who could know more about the end of the world than the One who created it in the beginning?