Mysterious Power In My Life

In 1929 Frank Morris boarded a ship bound for Switzerland. He'd looked forward to this voyage for some time. But it turned into a humiliating experience. A steward put in charge of his care locked Frank in his cabin each night. After a quick breakfast Frank could exercise a bit, but felt foolish being led around the deck, like an animal on a leash. Then the steward deposited Frank in a steamer chair. Whenever he met a friendly passenger who invited him for a stroll, the steward objected, saying he had to keep an eye on him.

Frank was an adult, with the normal curiosities and desires of an adult. But he was also blind. The steward assumed he couldn't take care of himself. Frank was treated like an American Express parcel that had to be lugged around.

But in Switzerland Frank's life dramatically changed. While there he learned about dogs which had been especially trained to guide the blind. Bringing a German shepherd named Buddy back to the United States, Frank started an organization called Seeing Eye.

Now, with Buddy at his side, Frank could go anywhere, anytime, with anyone. He felt free at last. During one demonstration to a group of reporters at a busy cross street in New York City, Buddy guided his master expertly from one lane to the other while cars whizzed past. Because he trusted Buddy implicitly, Frank made it across fine. The sighted reporters had a much more difficult time; one actually took a cab to get to the other side.

In the next few pages we're going to learn about the Holy Spirit, a Guide who wants us to place our lives in His hands. All of us are handicapped by the same human nature, the same blindness to what's really most important. Life rushes by us at such a frantic pace that we often find ourselves just coping instead of going anywhere. Still, we're hesitant to trust our lives completely to this Guide. We may still want to cross the street on our own. But the discovery that awaits each of us is this: we'll find real freedom and power by depending on the Holy Spirit to guide us through life.