The Secret Of Answered Prayer

Anatoli Levitin, a Russian writer and historian, spent years in the Siberian Gulag where petitions to God must have seemed frozen to the ground. But he came back quite spiritually fit. “The greatest miracle of all is prayer,” he wrote. “I have only to turn mentally to God and at once I feel a force that pours into me from somewhere, into my soul, my whole being. What is it? Psychotherapy? No, it’s not psychotherapy, for where would I, an insignificant old man and tired of life, get this strength which renews and saves me, elevating me above the earth? It comes from outside me—and there is no force in the world which could ever resist it.”

In this lesson we’re going to look at how prayer, “the breath of the soul,” can help us build a stronger relationship with God and a healthier Christian life.