When a Person Dies...What Then?

We cringe when a child first asks, “What does it mean to die?” We shrink from talking about or even thinking about death. We not only fear dying, but we also rebel at the thought of someone we love dying. Death is the common enemy of people everywhere.

So what are the answers to the hard questions about death? Are people born only to die? Is death the end of the story? Or is there life after death? What is the experience of those in the grave? Can we help them? Can we talk with them? Will we ever see our dead loved ones again? Just where are the dead?

Conflicting voices clamor to give us the answers. New Age channelers teach that the spirits who channel messages to them are dead beings who have evolved to a higher state. Hindus teach reincarnation into a whole series of lifetimes in which we work off our bad karma and keep progressing to a greater degree of perfection. Buddhists believe in the god within us that enlightens us and moves us into a higher state. Atheists deny all hope of a future life and declare that death is the eternal end of everything. Many Christians believe that the dead are not really dead—that they go to heaven, hell, or some intermediate place of conscious existence.

In a matter so important, so universal, so packed with emotion, where can we learn the truth about what happens when we die? The answer is in the Bible, where the God who knows all about life and death will instruct us with comforting messages of hope.