Can I Find God’s Church Today?

For generations Roman Catholics and Protestants have been waging a violent war on each other in Northern Ireland, even though both swear allegiance to the Bible. Since the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, Orthodox Christians, Catholic Christians, and Moslems have been slaughtering each other, often in the name of their religious beliefs. For centuries the tension in the explosive Middle East has been fueled by Jewish and Moslem beliefs, both of which have their origins in the Old Testament Scriptures.

It’s no wonder people these days are gun-shy of anyone shouting for one truth, one faith, and calling for absolute allegiance. But at the same time, we’re aching for a place to stand, a truth to believe in completely.

Some today keep urging us to “find your own individual truth,” and they assure us that “god” is in some inner recess of the heart. But it’s not very comforting to just make up the truth as you go along. When you come right down to it, it would be frightening to believe that there’s no truth on the horizon bigger than our individual selves.