Does God Have a Special
Message for Our Day?

Recent statistics tell us that in the United States alone 240 different religious bodies carry out their work. There are more than 500 around the globe. Protestantism itself has fragmented into more than 200 denominations, and many of these are further sub-divided into various groups. There are, for example, twenty different kinds of Baptists.

An Anglican bishop once said, “Divided Christendom is a source of weakness in the West: in non-Christian lands it is a . . . stumbling block.” This man had in mind the perplexity faced by new believers in Hindu, Buddhist, or Muslim lands who, when they decide to follow Christ, must choose between scores of denominations, all competing for their allegiance.

In all this maze of sometimes squabbling, often competing religious bodies, how can someone searching for truth discover a healthy, and genuine religion?